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Fall wonders

What can we say, it’s fall, the colors are quickly changing, it’s beautiful out and the fish, they are treating us well!  Even though we saw quite a bit of rain come in the last week and we were approaching flood levels again, the fishing has continued to be productive all the way through. We saw the upper/upper turn off a little for a day or two but the Refuge and Canyon have been holding tough for us.  There is still a considerable amount of water in the Middle and the Lower but with temps in the low 40’s at night and the termination of the rain we have already seen the peak and we are seeing the water levels dropping quickly.

As per what we hope to see, the Rainbow Trout and Dollie Varden fishing has been amazing.  It’s certainly the time to be out there and we can only hope that it continues if not improves!

Okay, that was just greedy.

Long time client Earl finally earns his big fish!!  Guess patience is a virtue.  Nice work buddy!

Long time client Earl finally earns his big fish!! Guess patience is a virtue. Nice work buddy!

The usual bag o’ tricks is working, we are seeing the sockeye and the Kings in their spawn so cater to that. That being said, you find some time on your hands in the quickly lengthening Alaskan evening, might want to put some time into tying up a few extra leaders because you are bound to loose your share out there.

Please feel free to give us a call if you need a water level report.  She’s a powerful river that Kenai and we’ve seen a lot of people in some risky situations this year.  We are happy to give you an update and talk to you about what is happening down here.  Stay safe out there and have a great time!

Fall fishing!

The crowds have wained, it was hard to believe it was Saturday at Sportsman’s Boat Launch today.  The Salmon madness has come to an abrupt stop, the weather has been kind, and it’s an all around nice time to be on the water.

Gene Bern on his first day out catches a nice Dolly Varden

Gene Bern on his first day out catches a nice Dolly Varden

We’ve been seeing some great dry fly hatches going on as well as the usual flesh and beads have been working their magic for fly fishing for both Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden.  The small creeks are a great alternative for some wade fishing as well.  Out on the big river it is quickly becoming everyones favorite time of year to be out fishing for the Trout and Dollies and right now on the Upper Kenai there are also a sprinkle of Silver Salmon starting to show in the eddies. If this is your main target it sounds like below Skilak as well as going out on the salt out of Seward is the way to go.

It’s fall, it’s time to sit back and relax and take your time out there.  Happy fishing!

Tony and his son enjoyed a day together out on the water.

Tony and his son enjoyed a day together out on the water.

Welcoming August

As it turns out it’s August! We’ve all made it through another big July push and the weather makes it feel like fall is breathing down our necks. With that being said, bring on the Trout fishing!!!

We are still seeing a surprising strong run of Sockeye coming up the river and though you may need to be patient and pick and choose which ones you are keeping, it’s still been worth the time and effort to be out there.  There are still quite a few chromers in the Upper Kenai River.  We are currently up to 1,339,876 second run Sockeye in the drainage and are seeing a pretty consistent ~ 8-9,000 nosing up daily.

The Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden fishing has been picking up nicely as they set up waiting for the Sockeye spawn to turn on.  We’ve had some amazing days out on the water lately fishing a “mixed bag” of both Sockeye and Rainbow Trout/Dolly Varden.  It’s a nice time to be out on the water with the number of people slowing down, you can feel the ease of fall setting in.

Sockeye Fever!

Sockeye Salmon ready to filet

We are sitting at just a few hundred shy of a million Sockeye Salmon in the Kenai River as of yesterday.  Add what will have been counted by the end of today and we are looking at not only over a million Sockeye in the drainage but also at some good odds out there!  The middle has been productive and with the bag limit at 6 per person/day and the upper, though not teeming with the numbers that are soon to come the Upper Kenai has also been very productive.  From Skilak into the upper Kenai we are still looking at limits of 3 per person/day so please be aware of the differences in regulation while out there.  If getting out on the river and catching yourself some fresh Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is what you desire, now is the time to do it!

Glen from Texas enjoying his day on the Kenai River with a days catch of Sockeye Salmon caught on a fly rod.

Glen from Texas enjoying his day on the Kenai River with a days catch of Sockeye Salmon caught on a fly rod.

Limits Increase

Good news out there for everyone looking to get some fresh Sockeye Salmon in their freezer, Alaska Fish and Game has increased the bag and possession limits for anglers.  A full description of the order is below, please take a moment to read, but in layman’s terms they increased the bag limit from 3 per person to 6 per person.

We have seen more sockeye coming past the weir bringing the count to almost 26,000 salmon and the water levels have been dropping as well and are now at 17″.

With the water levels starting to drop, the sockeye numbers still climbing, the weather cooling off a bit and the limit increasing it’s been a great time to get out on the river and chase some Sockeye.  We’ve had good success out there the last few days and of course we can’t predict it, but we anticipate the fishing is going to continue looking good for us out there!!

Nice Russian River Sockeye , that got stung and filleted on the Kenai River. Great work Gary.

Nice Russian River Sockeye , caught and filleted on the Kenai River. Great work Gary.


Beginning at 12:01 a.m., Saturday, June 22, the daily bag limit will increase to six (6) sockeye salmon and the possession limit will increase to twelve (12) sockeye salmon in the Upper Kenai River, upstream from Skilak Lake to ADF&G regulatory markers located approximately 300 yards upstream of the public boat launch at Sportsman’s Landing and the Russian River from its mouth upstream to an ADF&G marker located approximately 600 yards downstream from the Russian River Falls.

The early-run sockeye salmon escapement past the weir at Lower Russian Lake has exceeded 23,700 fish. The Department projects the end-of-run escapement will exceed the escapement goal of 22,000 – 42,000 early-run sockeye salmon. It is therefore appropriate to increase limits to permit anglers the additional opportunity to harvest Russian River sockeye salmon.

Anglers are reminded that they may possess only the limit allowed for the waters they are actively fishing. If a Russian River angler has more than three sockeye salmon in possession, then that angler may not fish in waters with a possession limit of three.

Anglers are also reminded to remove fish carcasses whole, or gutted/gilled from the Russian River clear water, or take fish to the mainstem Kenai River cleaning tables located at the confluence and ferry crossing to fillet and chop-up filleted sockeye salmon carcasses into small pieces and throw the pieces into deep, flowing waters. Please keep all personal belongings, including stringers of fish closely attended. Please respect the riverbank restoration projects and stay on the established pathways in the Sanctuary Area, campground areas, and Russian River Ferry area.