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A Million Strong

Fresh Sockeye

The second run of Sockeye Salmon are now in numbers of over a million strong in the Kenai River.  If fresh Alaskan Salmon is something that you’ve been craving, now is the time to get out there after it.  The run is already making a huge push up into the drainage and pushing towards those spawning ground, word is the large majority has already moved up past the lower Kenai.

Sockeye Salmon

We are seeing the masses coming into the Middle and the Upper Kenai.  Cooper Landing is the place to be right now between the beautiful scenery surrounding you, the gorgeous weather Alaska has been kind enough to offer this summer and the plentiful supply of Sockeye that we are seeing up here.  It’s a great time to come out and play!

Sockeye Salmon lined up ready for cleaning

Sockeye Salmon lined up ready for cleaning

Oh what a hard day of work!

Days work!

Sockeye Fever!

Sockeye Salmon ready to filet

We are sitting at just a few hundred shy of a million Sockeye Salmon in the Kenai River as of yesterday.  Add what will have been counted by the end of today and we are looking at not only over a million Sockeye in the drainage but also at some good odds out there!  The middle has been productive and with the bag limit at 6 per person/day and the upper, though not teeming with the numbers that are soon to come the Upper Kenai has also been very productive.  From Skilak into the upper Kenai we are still looking at limits of 3 per person/day so please be aware of the differences in regulation while out there.  If getting out on the river and catching yourself some fresh Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is what you desire, now is the time to do it!

Glen from Texas enjoying his day on the Kenai River with a days catch of Sockeye Salmon caught on a fly rod.

Glen from Texas enjoying his day on the Kenai River with a days catch of Sockeye Salmon caught on a fly rod.

Rainbows, Dollies, Sockeye, Oh My!

It’s still just a fine time to be out there fishing on the river for a mixed bag of species.  What better way to spend a day then playing on the water spending a little time here and there fishing for multiple species of fish enjoying what has been one of the nicest summers we have seen in Alaska in years?!

Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden fishing has continued to be productive with plenty of carcass floating around in the water from folks properly filleting their Salmon and disposing of the remains in the water.  Using flesh has continued to be the mainstay, what a tasty treat to these fish.

Sockeye Salmon are still coming into the river, though the number have slowed a bit in the last few days we still expect to see a great run this year.  On the 11th we saw a push of 33,702 hit the river and as of yesterday another 20,000 have come in as well.  This have brought the grand total up to 127,765 which is about 30,000 more then we had seen this time last year.  And remember, this is just the beginning!!  When you are talking a total of around 1.5 million, we have a ways to go.  It has been a nice treat to be out there this year with the constant trickle of Sockeye Salmon coming though though giving us the ability to fish a little of everything.

Weather is predicted to be nice and sunny for us for the rest of the week, it’s time to get out and enjoy it while it’s here.  Come join us on the river and marvel in the beauty of our backyard.

(Yes, we know we’re spoiled)


Great Sockeye Salmon caught on a fly rod

Great Sockeye Salmon caught by Bret Curry on a fly rod.

I love to fish… It’s a passion, hobby, habit and if I’m rigorously honest…an addiction! Each trip to the water brings the wonderment and uncertainty of catch. Each angling moment provides a rewarding spiritual connectivity to something larger than life. Could be a “hunter & gatherer” component in my DNA. May be because fishing is my primary safe harbor from the daily grind and rat race. Whatever the case, I’m so blessed to have opportunities to fish dozens of days per year…and mainly with a fly rod.

I recently added a new geographical location to my fly-fishing experiences. This time in Alaska! If you are an individual with fly-fishing in your blood you have got to experience a grappling sockeye salmon who’s mission is to spawn…not to be caught. If the thought of angling a pit-bull on the end of your fly-line gets your juices flowing, then give Jen a call at Kenai River Fly Fishing.

After hours of pre-trip online research and local referrals my choice was KRFF. And boy did I make the right decision. Jen paired me up with T.J., Master and Professional Guide. Simply put, T.J. is the man! And a consummate host! Clearly an accomplished fisherman himself, he put me onto the fish in no time. His refinement tips were courteously delivered and produced results. He’s a master with the drift-boat and very safety-conscience.  Not only did we net several sockeyes, we landed Rainbow and Dolly Varden as well.

Sockeyes on a stringer

Sockeyes on a stringer

An often-used word in Cajun country is “lagniappe” which means a little something extra.  And how Alaska provides those bonuses. We saw bear, moose and eagles galore. T.J.’s keen eye and sharing the experience was icing on the cake.

So if you are bug-eyed from perusing the Internet for the right guide service, simply give KRFF a call. Oh yea, be sure to include the “canyon” float into your schedule, you won’t be sorry.

Bret Curry

Little Rock, Arkansas

June 2013

Patience and perseverance pays off for this group as they hold up the days catch

Patience and perseverance pays off for this group as they hold up the days catch

TJ safely guiding them across Skilak Lake, beautiful way to end a great trip.
TJ safely guiding them across Skilak Lake, beautiful way to end a great trip.

Bret Curry with a resident Dolly Varden.
Bret Curry with a resident Dolly Varden.



50,000 strong

Being out on the water the last few days we have continued to have luck with fishing Trout and Dollies as well as catching some of the early second run of Sockeye that is trickling in.  We have seen 49,8979 Sockeye come into the drainage so far which as of now is 7,000 more then this time last year.  Traditionally we tend to see a distinct shut off of Sockeye Salmon between the first and the second run, but not this year.  Anglers have had the luck of being out there “between runs” with decent success!  Last year we saw a little over 1,500,000 Sockeye come into the Kenai River during the second run and with luck we will hopefully see those numbers again.  So now is the time to give us a call and we’ll get you out there swinging for some Sockeye!