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Fall wonders

What can we say, it’s fall, the colors are quickly changing, it’s beautiful out and the fish, they are treating us well!  Even though we saw quite a bit of rain come in the last week and we were approaching flood levels again, the fishing has continued to be productive all the way through. We saw the upper/upper turn off a little for a day or two but the Refuge and Canyon have been holding tough for us.  There is still a considerable amount of water in the Middle and the Lower but with temps in the low 40’s at night and the termination of the rain we have already seen the peak and we are seeing the water levels dropping quickly.

As per what we hope to see, the Rainbow Trout and Dollie Varden fishing has been amazing.  It’s certainly the time to be out there and we can only hope that it continues if not improves!

Okay, that was just greedy.

Long time client Earl finally earns his big fish!!  Guess patience is a virtue.  Nice work buddy!

Long time client Earl finally earns his big fish!! Guess patience is a virtue. Nice work buddy!

The usual bag o’ tricks is working, we are seeing the sockeye and the Kings in their spawn so cater to that. That being said, you find some time on your hands in the quickly lengthening Alaskan evening, might want to put some time into tying up a few extra leaders because you are bound to loose your share out there.

Please feel free to give us a call if you need a water level report.  She’s a powerful river that Kenai and we’ve seen a lot of people in some risky situations this year.  We are happy to give you an update and talk to you about what is happening down here.  Stay safe out there and have a great time!

Glory days!

What can we say, it’s that time!  Trout fishing is game on, the weather is finally giving us a break and we are seeing Silvers in the Upper as well.  This is what we have all been waiting for, the glory days of fall.  We are all busy out on the river and loving every minute of it!

Great day at the office.

Guide Mike Harpe with a happy client and his Silver caught on the fly.

Guide Mike Harpe with a happy client and his Silver caught on the fly.

Welcoming August

As it turns out it’s August! We’ve all made it through another big July push and the weather makes it feel like fall is breathing down our necks. With that being said, bring on the Trout fishing!!!

We are still seeing a surprising strong run of Sockeye coming up the river and though you may need to be patient and pick and choose which ones you are keeping, it’s still been worth the time and effort to be out there.  There are still quite a few chromers in the Upper Kenai River.  We are currently up to 1,339,876 second run Sockeye in the drainage and are seeing a pretty consistent ~ 8-9,000 nosing up daily.

The Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden fishing has been picking up nicely as they set up waiting for the Sockeye spawn to turn on.  We’ve had some amazing days out on the water lately fishing a “mixed bag” of both Sockeye and Rainbow Trout/Dolly Varden.  It’s a nice time to be out on the water with the number of people slowing down, you can feel the ease of fall setting in.

A Million Strong

Fresh Sockeye

The second run of Sockeye Salmon are now in numbers of over a million strong in the Kenai River.  If fresh Alaskan Salmon is something that you’ve been craving, now is the time to get out there after it.  The run is already making a huge push up into the drainage and pushing towards those spawning ground, word is the large majority has already moved up past the lower Kenai.

Sockeye Salmon

We are seeing the masses coming into the Middle and the Upper Kenai.  Cooper Landing is the place to be right now between the beautiful scenery surrounding you, the gorgeous weather Alaska has been kind enough to offer this summer and the plentiful supply of Sockeye that we are seeing up here.  It’s a great time to come out and play!

Sockeye Salmon lined up ready for cleaning

Sockeye Salmon lined up ready for cleaning

Oh what a hard day of work!

Days work!

700,000 and change

As of now we are looking at 704,347 Sockeye Salmon in the Kenai River drainage. At this point that is a little over 200,000 more then we had in the system this time last year. Yesterday we saw 214,410 come in the river and 246,396 the day before. Needless to say, the fishing is picking up out there nicely and will only continue to improve. If Sockeye is on your mind then now is the time! Remember Outfitters are booking up quickly so if a guide is something that is of interests to you, give a call!