Kenai River Fly Fishing

*Please note we have a lot of unresolved issues with both cellular service as well as landlines/long distance in the town of Cooper Landing. Emailing or texting tends to be the most reliable way to communicate at times*

907.595.5733 - Landline
907.598.1400 - Cell
snail mail:
P.O. Box 753
Cooper Landing
AK 99572
physical location:
35114 Russian Gap Road
Cooper Landing
AK 99572
Google Maps

1 thought on “Contact

  1. Enrique Leon

    hi Mike,
    Thanks for taking my night call and getting us booked for sept 16th. We are looking forward to it.
    I got in contact with Kevin through a mutual friend. I don’t know how good his home brew is. I have only spoken to Kevin. I didn’t want you to think we went back a ways or anything. He gave some super recommendations of you.

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