Monthly Archives: June 2013

15,015 Sockeye Salmon on their way up!

As of yesterday we have now seen 15,015 Sockeye Salmon come into the Kenai River Drainage. Our water levels continue to rise due the snow/glacier melt off bringing the water up to 20″.  We see the fish bump out a little farther off the banks with these water levels but we are still doing grat catching them with a little patiences and skill!  Yesterday we saw temperatures of 88 degrees in the shade and it’s gearing up to look the same today.  You have to love being out on the river in Alaska with this weather!

2013 opener holding great sockeye salmon counts as well as amazing weather!

And the season has begun!!!  After the longest winter on record all of us in Alaska are very grateful to see what has been an absolutely amazing summer so far.  We have been averaging days in the high 70’s into the 80’s which hasn’t happened in many (many) years and you don’t hear any complaints here!  As far as the fly fishing season on the Kenai River has been going, we too are being graciously granted a great first run of Sockeye Salmon as well as some nice Rainbow Trout fishing.  Current counts of Sockeye past the weir on the Lower Kenai are 9,167 which is over 7,500 more then we were seeing this time last year.  We are seeing them come into the Upper Kenai were we are targeting them and are having great success.  The water is running quite high at 19 1/2″ so the Sockeye are charging up.  With the great weather and fishing being what it is, it’s a great time to get out on the water.