Monthly Archives: July 2010

Mike, Mark and Wyatt Bonertz Trip

On July 25th my brother, son and I took a 1/2 day float trip down the Kenai river, our Guide was Mike Adams.
I wanted to commend him on his professionalism and knowledge on the river. My brother and I have done several float trips around the US, and my brother has even fished the Amazon. My son is 15 and never has done a float trip and had no idea of what/when to do anything – Mike took the extra time and showed Wyatt exactly what to do and when. To say he was patient would be an understatement. Mike found us the fish. Wyatt hooked into a 23 inch Chum?? and landed it hopefully the picture came out, due to the weather we left our good cameras at home and I took this with my phone.
Mike also told us about several places to have our catch processed and sent home; it should be here tomorrow, we cant wait… I can say if we are ever in the area again we will use your guide service again and will pass your info on to friends traveling. Again my complements to your service and especially Mike.

Mark and Michael Kocan’s Trophys!

I just wanted to write you and thank you again for the fishing experience of a life-time that you gave my son and me just a few weeks ago this July. We took two trips with Brandon down the Kenai and it was just simply fantastic. I was looking at your pics and thought I’d offer a few to you for your consideration to put on your site. We’re so proud of them we just had to show you how they turned out. Again, thanks for the memories and with a little luck we will be back soon to do it all over again! We’re saving our pennies!